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Light Therapy: What Skin Conditions Can It Help

Here at our aesthetics clinic in Clapham, we offer a range of treatments for all skin types, needs and ages. Today, we’re focusing on Dermalux light therapy, a revolutionary way to renew the skin and combat skin ageing and damage.

What is light therapy?

Offered here at our Clapham clinic is the renowned Dermalux treatment, which involves harnessing the healing power of light energy. This activates the skin’s rejuvenation process, triggering cell growth and turnover while boosting vitamin D, collagen and serotonin production. Dermalux light therapy restores youth and vitality to your skin by encouraging the body to produce more of the proteins, hormones and nutrients it needs to look and feel its best.

Light therapy diagram explained

What skin conditions can LED light therapy help?

You can expect clearer skin, thanks to the spot-busting action; calmer skin, with inflammation, oiliness and redness reduced; and more youthful skin, with evenness targeted and boosted skin proteins. It uses three types of light to target and trigger different areas of the skin:

  • Red light: this calms red skin, evens tone and texture and minimises pores. It also increases collagen and elastin production, which keep skin supple and youthful.
  • Blue light: this type is soothing, acting as an antibacterial treatment to combat spots and acne while levelling sebum production.
  • Near infra-red light: this light battles ageing, inflammation, redness and irritation in the skin. It can also relieve pain.

Does light therapy hurt?

Dermalux is not painful – it’s a therapeutic treatment which could elevate “happy hormones” like serotonin and leave you feeling calm and relaxed.  No downtime is required, and no side effects are generally experienced (apart from potential redness, which should quickly pass). Our team here in Clapham will ensure you’re relaxed and comfortable throughout the process.

Who is Dermalux suitable for?

Any person, of any skin type or colour, could benefit from Dermalux light therapy. It’s known for accelerating skin healing and combatting ageing, stimulating skin protein production that encourages supple, youthful and elastic skin to grow. Also, anyone over the age of 18 can benefit from this treatment – if you’d like to know more about how just ask us to schedule a consultation for you at our Clapham Aesthetics clinic.


How do I book Dermalux light therapy?

To schedule a treatment, call us or book with us online / fill out our contact form today for a consultation!