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Composite Bonding

If you have minor imperfections in your teeth, such as chips, cracks, or gaps, composite bonding dental veneers might be the perfect solution for you. They can also be used to correct misshapen or misaligned teeth, and to close gaps between teeth. They are durable and long-lasting, and can give you a bright, natural-looking smile. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth and want a quick and effective solution, dental veneers may be the right option for you.


Veneers that restore your natural teeth fast

One of the primary benefits of composite bonded veneers is that they are a more affordable and less invasive alternative to traditional porcelain veneers. Additionally, they can typically be completed in just one appointment with your dentist, and they require little to no preparation of your natural teeth. Composite bonded veneers are also highly customisable, allowing your dentist to match the shade and shape of your existing teeth for a natural-looking and seamless result.

  • Covers chips and cracks in teeth
  • Strengthens weak teeth
  • Covers up discolouration
  • Improves the appearance of your damaged teeth
  • Beautiful new smile

Dental veneers are designed with a translucent material that allows light to pass through, which helps to create teeth that appear more natural, and brighter. These veneers can be used to re-shape multiple teeth, earning them the nickname of “instant orthodontics.” Because they require minimal work on the actual tooth, they are considered to be one of the gentlest cosmetic treatments available for teeth.

Medi Aesthetics | Aesthetic Clinic in Clapham | Skin Clinic in Clapham
  • By adding layers of tooth-coloured filling material that are durable and resilient, the composite bonding can be molded to resemble your natural teeth, with impressive strength-giving results.

  • Dental veneers typically last from 8 to 15 years, depending on the level of maintenance they receive. During your consultation, our Clapham dentist will provide you with further information on this matter.

  • If a person has severe tooth decay, gum disease, or other dental problems, they may not be a good candidate for veneers. In such cases, the underlying dental issues must be addressed before veneers can be considered. Similarly, people who grind or clench their teeth may not be suitable for veneers, as this can cause them to chip or crack.

  • With resin and porcelain veneers, the process involves removing a small amount of enamel from the front of the teeth to make room for the veneers. The amount of enamel removed is typically less than half a millimeter and is done under local anesthesia to ensure that the patient is comfortable throughout the procedure. The veneer is then created in a lab and sent back to the dentist. Composite bonding is done freehand by your dentist, with many layers being added to the tooth surface to restore it.

  • The procedure itself is not painful as it is performed under local anesthesia, which numbs the area being treated. In fact, most patients report feeling little to no discomfort during the entire process.

  • If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth due to chips, cracks, stains, or gaps, dental veneers may be a solution for you. Your dentist will evaluate the condition of your teeth and discuss your expectations to determine if veneers are appropriate.


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