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Are you fed up with your misaligned teeth, gaps, or overcrowding? Invisalign braces are an effective option for straightening teeth and improving overall dental health. These clear orthodontic aligners are virtually invisible, making them a discreet alternative to traditional metal braces.


Achieve a beautiful new smile confidence

The aligners will gently shift your teeth into place. You won’t have to worry about the discomfort of metal brackets and wires scraping against the inside of your mouth. Invisalign aligners are custom-made to fit your teeth perfectly, ensuring a comfortable experience. Plus, you can easily remove them to eat, brush, and floss, making it easier to maintain good oral hygiene during treatment.

  • Remove your braces to eat and brush
  • Secure in the mouth
  • Discreet and effective
  • Market leader in invisible braces
  • Corrects a variety of orthodontic issues

And with Invisalign’s advanced technology, you’ll be able to see a digital preview of your new smile before treatment even begins! Say goodbye to crooked teeth and hello to a confident, beautiful smile with Invisalign.

  • At our dental practice in Clapham we’ll begin the process of straightening your teeth by first taking impressions, or 3D scans. Using this model, our orthodontist will create a customised treatment plan that outlines the movement of your teeth and the expected timeline. Then, once you approve the treatment plan, we’ll use this information to create your first set of clear braces. We will schedule appointments every 4-8 weeks to provide you with a new aligner tray, and ensure that your Invisalign treatment is progressing as planned. Once the treatment is complete, you will be given a retainer to wear at night to prevent your teeth from shifting back to their original position.

  • Invisalign can be a great option for children who have mild to moderate orthodontic issues, such as crooked, or crowded teeth. It is important to note that Invisalign requires a high level of compliance, as the aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours a day. A blue dot indicator on the sides of the braces will indicate compliance with the 22 hours guidelines both to parents and our orthodontist. If your child has not been wearing their braces for enough hours in the day, then their treatment will naturally take longer to complete.

  • At our dental practice in Clapham, it is possible to get Invisalign treatment completed within 9 months, but our average treatment time is around 12 months.

  • During the initial few days of wearing new clear braces, you may experience some mild tension. This is actually a good sign; an indication that your teeth are being shifted into the desired position. Compared to the forceful pulling and tugging of traditional metal braces, Invisalign causes significantly less discomfort.

  • Invisalign braces are typically recommended for mild to moderate cases of misaligned teeth, such as gaps, overcrowding, and minor bite issues. Patients with more severe orthodontic problems may require traditional braces or other orthodontic treatments. It is important to consult with an orthodontist to determine if Invisalign braces are right for you.

  • When teeth are crooked or crowded, it can be difficult to clean them properly, leading to a buildup of plaque and bacteria. Over time, this can cause tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. Straighter teeth have fewer surfaces that can’t be reached by a toothbrush.


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