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Masseter Botox: How Does It Work

Masseter Botox: How Does It Work

When it comes to Botox, this anti-ageing, muscle-relaxing treatment has some surprising effects. Originally developed as a medical treatment, it then rose in popularity as an aesthetic procedure. Now, it sits comfortably between the two.

Today, our experts are sharing some important information about masseter botox, a growing trend among our patients. Find out what it is, who’s suitable for treatment and some other facts and advice in our blog post. And if you’d like any help or advice, feel free to get in touch – we’ve linked our contact details below.

So, what’s masseter Botox?

It’s where botox – botulinum toxin A – is injected into the masseter muscles. These are the muscles that connect the cheekbone to the lower jawbone and help you chew.

Why have masseter Botox at Medi Aesthetics in Clapham?

People opt for treatment for a number of reasons, some of which are aesthetic and others more medical-based. These include:

  • To reduce wrinkles on the forehead
  • To shape and contour the jaw
  • To manage facial pain, headaches and jaw tension
  • To reduce teeth grinding and clenching
  • How does masseter Botox work?

It reduces movement in the targeted muscle. In the case of lines and wrinkles, this can help to soften their appearance, since muscle movement and expressions are a key cause. Facial sculpting can have a contouring effect, and for those who want to treat problems of tension and clenching, it helps to relax the muscles.

What happens in a masseter Botox consultation?

Our experts will:

1. Examine your face and jaw

2. Work out where you need injections, and how much Botox to use

3. Go over your medical history, plus any pros and cons of treatment

4. Arrange your treatment and talk you through what’s expected on the day

What happens during a masseter Botox procedure?

Our experts will:

1. Gently clean your skin and numb the area

2. Mark any injection sites, if needed

3. Slowly insert a fine needle to administer the botox

4. Talk you through any aftercare needed

How long does masseter Botox last?

Botox generally lasts 3-4 months, but it depends on the individual. Some people may see results even beyond this period, while others might need a top-up to maintain the results. We can create a treatment plan and advise you on when you might need to repeat the treatment.

How do I book masseter Botox in Clapham?

We offer this treatment in our aesthetic clinic located in Clapham Common. To enquire, contact us today!